Wan ·der ·lust: a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.

I've got some serious travel bug syndrome right now.  Actually it's not quite here yet, but I can feel it about to hit me in full force.  It's lovely being back in Boston and taking day and weekend trips to nearby destinations.  I love New England and am so happy to be able to call it my home.  I am definitely a NE girl through and through and exploring it is something I love to do.  However, I can tell this will only last so long before I'm really itching to hop across an ocean or two.  

After going abroad twice during college (freshman and junior year), it seems as if my mind is programmed to expect a big trip every year or two.  It's one of the big dilemmas of being fresh out of school -- you want to travel the world while you're free of any real commitments or obligations, but you have very little money to your name.  Pinterest acts as a huge tease, serving up amazing photos of far off destinations just begging to be traveled to.  Here are the locations at the top of my list (along with some pinterest photos to drool over).

1. Southern Italy 

2.  South Africa 

3. Morocco

4. Ireland, Scotland, and London