Monogram Rings

I'm a big fan of a tasteful monogram here and there.  It has to be done right though, and you have to pick and choose or else you're at risk of becoming one of those people who has their initials on EVERYTHING.  One of my favorite places to have a monogram is on jewelry, especially monogrammed rings.  Whether it is an old signet of a family crest, or a modern monogram of the wearer's initials- it's a classy way to personalize your jewelry.  I wish I had loved my high school or college crest, because those can be a fun reminder, but unfortunately was not a fan of either.  So it looks like I'll have to stick with the "E" and "EBS" rings for now! I've collected a few of my favorites from around the web below.  I've tried to include something for everyone, some modern and edgy, some more traditional!

(Left to right):

1. Charm and Chain, Mini signet ring, $590

2. Ariel Gordon, Classic signet ring with diamonds, $525

3. Ariel Gordon, Slim Signet Ring, $375

4. Ariel Gordon, Jumbo Signet Ring, $995

5. Zoe Chicco, Large signet ring, $1140

6. Jennifer Zeuner, Modern single initial ring, $143

7. Jennifer Zeuner, Uniquely shaped, $220

8. Moon and Lola, Large cigar band ring, $370 

9. Jennifer Fisher, small id ring with diamonds, $950

10. Jennifer Fisher, Large single letter band, $2200

11. Catbird, Diamond single letter, $1260

12. Jane Basch, Lucky signet ring, $332