Vermont Essentials

My family and I have spent all of our winters up in VT.  I've been skiing at sugarbush pretty much since the moment I could walk, and it's safe to say it holds a special place in my heart.  Our season always starts the same way: we pack up our caravan and head up North like clockwork on the 27th of December.  

This week after Christmas is always filled with lots and lots of skiing, good food and hilarious family memories.  We ring in the New Year, usually accompanied by family friends, either at home pouring out bubbly champagne by the fire, or with some beers over at Castle Rock Pub.  It's one of the best weeks of the winter.  From there on out we come up to VT almost every weekend until the snow runs out.  

I love everything about VT and I especially love bundling up in warm and cozy layers while trying to maintain a somewhat stylish exterior.  I pulled together some of my favorite staples for a weekend, or winter, up in the Northeast Kingdom.  So if you already ski the east, you can always use another stylish flannel, and if you've never been, then you better pack your bags with the above and head on up!